AJA Video Systems has rolled out the new compact PAK Dock Pro media reader featuring USB-C connectivity. 

With no external power supply required, the compact, plug-and-play device streamlines the transfer of Apple ProRes and Avid DNx files from AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G digital video recorders to desktop and laptop computers on macOS and Windows operating systems.

PAK Dock Pro supports the latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard via the USB-C connection, ensuring broad compatibility and fast transfer speeds.


PAK Dock Pro: Features USB-C connectivity

Designed to simplify media transfers in broadcast, production, post and pro-AV environments, PAK Dock Pro allows professionals to quickly and easily ingest files recorded to AJA PAK solid state drives (SSDs) to a desktop or laptop computer.

Users remove the PAK media drive from the Ki Pro Ultra 12G, insert it into the PAK Dock Pro and plug the media reader into their computer via USB-C for near-instant editing, highlights creation, archiving and more.

PAK Dock Pro is compatible with all AJA PAK drives, including the PAK 2000, PAK 1000, PAK 512 and PAK 256, and PAK drives used in legacy Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Quad products.

“Speed and efficiency are mission critical in modern content production and we strive to deliver these features for every product we bring to market. AJA PAK Dock Pro integrates the latest USB-C connectivity to ensure lightning-fast results and broad compatibility when transferring media, whatever the use case,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems.

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